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Submit Your Reviews published on 5 Comments on Submit Your Reviews

Our team kindly request our chatters to submit few words about our adult sex chat rooms. What do you like in us, and what makes you happy when you are in our room. Any kind of reviews are accepted it is good or bad. We just want to know what is in your mind and it helps us to improve our site works in better level.

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 159 reviews

zozo is a great place it is fun and the mods and admins do a great job it is like home to me

Awesome Chat site

Hi, I like this site very much. Just need to know if this is possible that whether I can save my chat history to see it later. If it can be implemented it will add more stud to this gem side.

Thanks and we will look into it πŸ™‚


There are 1 or 2 groups in the sex chat room and they are closed groups. The chat is about themselves and no one from the outside is let in....from your admins down....complete waste of time

hahahahaha.. someone got fucked up..

You must be a very uninteresting person, because there are always several conversations going on at any given time. If you can't find anyone to talk to, That's on You dude.... You need to build more social skills.

naked show for naughty girls

its great

It was a best site to sex chat

Thanks fern.!!!! this is what we expect from our good chatters πŸ™‚


It was a best site to sex chat

Thanks Johny πŸ™‚ You got the right site

don't fall for it.

terrible site where site employees bait you and more. No one actually talks about sex in the sex chat rooms and no one really uses their cam in the video chat room. The site is filled with employee mods who favor other mods and so called VIP members, which are no existence since it is a free site. What a bs lie this site is. I wouldn't be surprised if they are downloading spyware or adware on to computers while installing the chat program.

1. Not a free site? lol do you know the meaning for the word "FREE".. it means you get something without paying any $ for it.
Yes our chat room is free for all and everyone can use it for free without paying for anything.
2. Full of admins and mods? lol you got to be kidding me lol.. we have only 2 mods and 4 active admins with different time zone.
3. No one is talking sex in a sex chat room? πŸ˜€ Ok then what the hell they are talking about? May be talking about, USA 2016 Presidental campaign or election ? Or may be talking about cartoons ? YOu must be a real dick head πŸ™‚
4. Spyware and adware? Yeah we are selling it to NSA and FBI... "FUCK OFF"... We do not use any spyware or adware.
5. You said? we are installing a chat room? Go to google and search for flash.. and learn some shit about it..

Next time when you come back to our chat πŸ™‚ make sure you bring some condoms πŸ™‚ becoz we got lot of gays in gay room to fuck you like a $1 bitch πŸ™‚

One more feature

It is a nice, simple interface and easy to keep track of private messages. I think what you do need is a report button instead of just the block option for users (in my case, specifically for men trolling the lesbian board as they only get kicked out if an admin turns up)

Coulda been more helpful

No one answered anything I asked

Its a chat room πŸ™‚ so you have to mingle into the topic πŸ™‚ so try again if you can ... thanks

Love this site! The people are friendly and I am needing new friends πŸ™‚


i like site .

Greaaaaaat ! Without the 50 % unreal Persons it will be best adult chat !


I like the site but the scrolling of the names all the time is really annoyingcan't you stop thatyou would have got 5 * if only I could actually see who is on the chatroom


this is sexy chat room


i liked this site a whole lot till someone banned me for absloutly no reason i was chatting in pms and i get banned i mean honesty whats the point of pms if the staff there is gonna just read it and punish u for chatting to a friend shakes my head whatever though

There is many reason that you got banned my friend. Recently we are getting too many spammers and abusers. We are trying to stop them using proxy ban(range ban). If your IP is in that range, you will also banned from our chat rooms. But our bans are not for long.

Bis gestern fand ich zozo noch gut

bis gestern war es noch gut im zozo chat aber dann kommt da jemand der jeden beleidigt der sich nur seine Gedanken ΓΌber die namen der User macht, natΓΌrlich die falschen und das schlimmste wenn man ihn dann blockt weil er nur nervt sorgt er da fΓΌr das ich gebannt wurde , von der Sache grundlos denn ich hab mir bei zozo noch nichts zu schulden kommen lassen und immer nach den regeln gehandelt MfG: Papa Ralf

some better but very nice for adult chat level not to match proper

Great place!

zozochat is a great place for non judgemental adult chat.

vip block button

Zozo is a very good chat.The only thing missing is a button to block VIP'sOtherwise, its the best chat on the webSo, come on Z give us a VIP block button


this the best site for lonely female who cant go out with other men

That's true πŸ™‚

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